Saturday, May 20, 2017

3190. Educating Their Emotions Is Paramount

Do we teachers educate our students’ emotions, feelings and sentiments? Of course the first task and duty is for their parents, but we teachers can help a lot.

There may be a great emotion illiteracy: we simply don’t know much about educating emotions into positive feelings. In other words our students should be balanced at emotions, and that’s so or more important than intellectual education and instruction. Remember we’re educating for life now and for their future.

Spanish teacher and neuropsychologist Fernando Alberca (2017) postulates we should educate our students’ and children’s emotions, as I said, to achieve happiness ultimately. At tutoring sessions a lot can be done: leading emotions (something rather passive) into feelings and ideas (something active).

Often our students and we teachers as well may have negative emotions, irrational ones, which are exaggerations and negative emotions, which we should re-orientate into rational, positive and reasonable thoughts. Our students may be suffering because of those negative thoughts that can annihilate their happiness.

Also we have to educate our students into giving themselves to other surrounding people in a wise, joyful and generous service to them: giving ourselves to other people besides has the power of getting ourselves happier – I know some adults that joyfully live for their dear people and they’re happy.

A word about empathizing. We teachers have to learn how to empathize with our students through our daily teaching. For example something basic: we’ve got to learn that our students may be feeling bad because the big exams are around the corner and they may be pretty tired of the school year when the end is approaching. We can hold their last forces to arrive at the final harbor of the school year by talking with them at tutoring sessions: they need to give vents to their pains and sufferings. And joys too!: they need to share them with other people! / Photo from: I gave up. I couldn't post a photo probably because of a temporary failure

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