3186. How to Get the Most from Kids in Vacations

Within some weeks I’ll be assisting and teaching at a couple of English-language summer camps, with teens and younger children.
And that’s okay and I can help out there. However I’ve got to think about the profile I’m applying regarding classroom management. The kids will be spending their vacations and they want to have fun. Even they tend to (in some way) blow up the lessons, and sorry to be so honest.
I’m not upset, I simply tell you all how those kids take those courses. So I have to apply some classroom management. I’ll implement some low profile management. I mean, let’s see, I should not get irritated. I’m also implementing a series of games with the younger kids, about which I have a list of more than 100 games, to foster speaking in English and aiming at having fun. I mean it, I ought not to get angry.
I’ll let you know about it on coming weeks. I will also try to set some order at the games but taking into account that I won’t get 100% nice classroom management.
The first premise is treating among us with respect to each other. And I’m fostering communication and immersion in English. I’ll take advantage of the kids that conduct better to lean and rely on them in favor of the nicest possible classroom management.
I’ll try to combine discipline with having fun and scoring points maybe – I’m not sure about this latter point. I’ve taught similar courses before, quite a nice number of them. It’ll be interesting to teach boys again, and I hope it’ll be useful for them: they do need the language! Things are changing in Spain! / Photo from: arbol-solitario,-prado,-flores-amarillas,-nubes-193429 imagenes 4ever eu. The picture is just a nice illustration.


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