3188. Educating Kids in an Ample Vision!

We teachers have to educate our students about other countries and other continents. Also we teachers should pay attention to what’s happening in those maybe far countries.
For example rich countries have to help poorer countries develop themselves.
I had a friend that lived in a country of Africa, maybe Nigeria. He told me that those third-world countries had to develop by themselves, with the people they had at those countries.
As well we should educate our students about a sound ecology: they have to learn to take care of our planet. If we take our students to excursions, and we should do it, we can teach them for example not to drop garbage around in the countryside: wrapping papers, cans, plastic bags… We’re educating future citizens.
That friend of mine also told me that clever youngsters went to richer countries to study and many of them stayed in those richer countries of the first-world, after college. And those young people would be the ones that would push their countries forward. Even rich countries took cleverer students and kept them when they finished college.
But I don’t want to show a twofold state of things and contrapose rich countries and poor countries. Because among other things that friend of mine was happy in the country of Africa he had gone to live; yes, he was, and he was positive anyway. / Photo from: African-child-smiling-karate Dada


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