Saturday, May 27, 2017

3196. Enjoyng Literature and Reading Is Possible

Sometimes adult students are assigned to read a novel, for example in English lessons.
They may not like the novel too much. Something they can do is trying to empathize with its author or authoress. They can search for information about that writer on the Internet, and so they can learn about him or her and in that way they will understand the novel better.
Also those students can think that that novel has some things that can attract their attention and they may like them: the point is being positive and extract the best from the novel. This can be done by adults or young students if they’re mature enough.
As well the point is putting in the writer’s shoes. Thus let’s try to understand him or her from what he or she says and tries to say. Let’s be positive and kind of optimistic. Let’s think “Okay this novel has this and that point that are interesting. Otherwise I won’t like it at all and I’ll suffer when reading it and will be looking forward to finishing it!”
Of course they can ask their teacher to change the novel, ultimately... / Photo from: livro www ccead puc-rio br

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