Friday, May 26, 2017

3195. Positive Motivation as a Powerful Booster!

Positive motivation in the classroom is a terrific and wonderful booster. It multiplies students’ effort and progress by a great deal. It’s much better than the mere telling off or punishing. I also discovered this when I taught kids. And now I can see and spot so with my grown-ups. And I’ve seen it with other teachers too, and it works!
It is not silly flattering nor adulating. Just some recognizing their work rather often, for example at the end of some lessons. It is fair: they deserve it. I usually thank my students after some lessons, and it’s something that happens in a natural way.
Have you tried with your students? We teachers can always find something our students do well. This recognizing their effort creates a nice rapport in the classroom. / Photo from: CotodePeZca. The picture is just an illustration, a nice one.

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