3187. Maybe the Best Classroom Management Ever!

All of us teachers try to set some classroom management, right? To achieve it we can apply some gravity to the activity we with our students are carrying out. We transmit gravity to our students in that way. It’s a bit of some solemnity at the activity we’re doing with our students.
In that way we set our students at working fine. The activity itself gains those gravity and seriousness. It means that what we are doing is quite important, and we can’t play with it. It also means: Okay, let’s be careful, we’re working and working is pretty serious.
I remember now that a colleague of ours said that our students need to work in a peaceful atmosphere, focused on what they’re doing. And another teacher, I also remember it right now, said that working is one of the most serious things we can do...
Even then, when we’re doing things that way, if we smile or have a small laugh, those smiling or laughing in some way are serious too, or a bit, a small bit, solemn. We’re educating our students in the values of industriousness and diligence, and we’re educating them for their lives now and for their future. / Photo from: Marty-Anderson-Office-Computer seelowprices com. The man on the picture looks serious, doesn’t he?


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