Wednesday, March 12, 2014

1661. Like preparing a delicious meal

I hand out worksheets to my adult students in class. 

Each worksheet consists of numbered sentences about a topic: everyday situations or stories – they like stories and I like to write them. 

First I read out the whole worksheet, among other reasons for pronunciation sake. 

The process I’m describing here isn’t the very same always. 

Afterward I have each student read out one sentence, by turns, also for teaching them how to pronounce certain words. 

As well I ask them something about the sentence they’ve just read out. I do that for making them speak in English. 

Other times after my general reading out I ask them to let me know which words they don’t understand. 

Summing up, my main goal for my students now is to reinforce speaking – not just single words but full sentences. Something else I implement is having them prepare presentations – they speak for a nice number of minutes. / Photo from: cooking homedesigni com
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