1686. How should treatment be between the teacher and the students?

It depends on the school, and when I began to teach I was like an army officer. Later I changed a lot. 

I’m referring to the way the teacher should treat his students. 

Should it be like an army officer, or rather something similar to a father or a friend, never as a buddy? 

I would say that when discipline and a sound management of the class are gotten, the teacher can treat his students in a more relaxed way. 

Watch over anyway, for the kids distinguish well when the teacher has given up discipline: they know when they can pull the leg to their teacher and put him to the test. 

When discipline is set in a classroom or school the teacher can be like a master and the students his disciples. The treatment then is more relaxed and the teacher can smile, and should smile. The treatment is polite both directions and some joke can have its place. 

The students respect their teacher, and even they can admire him. There exists trusting then. 

Both are embarked in the same ship, teacher and students. They’re like a work group. / Photo from: www arsouth army mil 


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