1683. Getting along with your students?

How should be treating between the teacher and his or her students? 

There should be a fine and exquisite and normal treatment between us teachers and them students. 

In other words, the teacher must respect his or her students, and the other way round, even more: students are expected to respect their teacher. 

More than one of you colleagues could say Let’s hope it be like that. 

In the papers a few times you can read about a student or his parent hit the teacher. 

In my country, Spain, the teacher is an authority I think, if I’m not wrong. If you treat the teacher bad, and insult him or her, or a mother comes to school to blow the teacher, the teacher is like police: if you put obstacles to their conducting concerning discipline for example, in serious cases, you could go to the trial. Well, you know, this is evident. 

More often than not and depending where the school is (the district or neighborhood) we can conclude that today it’s so often, unfortunately, that there are problems. 

There’s a more general conflictive attitude toward discipline and authorities. 

Many of our colleagues are treated bad in classes, from lack of attention to disobedience to a teacher’s sane requirement. 

The atmosphere is more general even: there’s a lack of values in today’s Western society, and I have written a lot about this in this blog. 

But I did not want to make a catastrophic post: I know many a teacher that can teach and the students more or less follow him or her. 

The number is outstanding anyway. It’s more often than what we can think of. 

You can search about values and virtues in the Search gadget of the blog. 

I’m optimistic nonetheless. We teachers have to educate the kids and their families, that is it, and we’re after that, right, colleagues? 

We, teachers and students, will win in the end, in the end of education, if we wish, which is the case. 

My optimism is based on solid basement: on human nature, and on transcendent basement: We can count on God. 

The point is that we are going through a bad period, but we will change little by little, let’s hope, or something we cannot think of now. I write as I feel. / Photo from: teacher and students. ricochet com


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