Sunday, March 30, 2014

1688. A way for relaxing

A teacher must know how to relax himself, in order to face up with the next “battle” (next class). 

It’s important for a teacher to head for the classroom rather relaxed but also somewhat tense, with a sane tension. 

It is sound the teacher should sleep well too. Some people do not sleep well because they don’t know how to get relaxed. 

Now I’m trying to tell you some clues for this relaxing. First slow down and calm down the self-stream of thoughts that are boiling inside your mind. 

Then breathe deep in and slowly. 

Relax the muscles of your face. 

Relax your body letting it drop onto your bed or seat, and making as if the body and its limbs (legs and arms) would be heavy and you would need to make them drop down. 

Then relax the mind again – you can speak silently and inside yourself more and more slowly, in a slower and slower rhythm. And repeat the rest of the steps again, as many as you need. / Photo from: relaxing www mstrust org uk
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