Thursday, March 20, 2014

1675. Linking reality with names in English

Young kids learn by playing, among other paths. 

On post # 259 I gave you a version of a list of more than 100 games. 

What they do in the class helps them learn. 

One example is TPR (Total Physical Response), as you may know. They play the actions, verbs, jobs and professions you tell them in English to carry out. 

They live those activities. 

In early ages they can somehow connect reality with words. Thus they use their brains and make them develop. Also you can show them shapes – triangles, squares, circles, rectangles, made out of colorful cards or on the PC, and the next day you can ask them what rectangles they saw the previous day, in English, by showing them the shapes at the same time. 

You can ask them what object a triangle was, too. 

Just try a few days, so as to find out if it works with your kids. 

If they respond in their mother language, you could teach them how we call those objects in English. 

If they’re learning to read and write, you might show them flash-cards with names in English, so they would link the English word with the shape or the action. Repetition every day would foster all those processes. / Photo from: child with a computer. www edutopia org
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