Thursday, March 13, 2014

1662. Sex education

Sex and sexuality education? 

The protagonists are the kid and his or her parents, not school. 

There ought to be conversations between the kid and his or her parents, better if the boy talks with Dad and the young girl with Mom. 

This kind of education must be within the context of human love. And love refers to the whole person, not only to the sexual anatomy. 

Parents and the eldest siblings have to explain this human fact to the kids. 

They can take advantage for example from a movie scene to provoke the conversation. If in that scene sex is explicit, it’s sound and advisable to change the television channel into another one: it is just the adult the person who can explain sex. 

When explaining sex to the kid it is sound and correct to explain that the union of the bodies must be open to a new life, to a new baby. And this sex education must be joined to marriage: one man with one woman forever. / Photo from: father and son talking www parentupvt org
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