Friday, March 21, 2014

1676. Building meaningful sentences in class

It’s of a paramount importance that learning and acquiring a foreign language would serve the purpose of communication with other people. 

When working on grammar in classes we can implement an activity that is useful to make sentences and messages with sense. 

Write on the chalkboard the words of a sentence in a jumbled and scrambled way. Ask your students, by turns for example, to put the words into the correct order to mean something. 

That activity can be helpful for all ages and all levels of the target language, English in our case. 

Another way to implement this activity with young kids is to write words on stripes of paper, big enough for every student in the classroom to see them, and put those words into a correct order, sticking those labels of paper or card with plasticine™ or blu-tac™. It’s cool and different students can contribute to making up the sentence. / Photo from: bricomania fijar argolla en techo www hogarutil com
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