1681. Should the family help out in his homework?

Should parents or elder siblings help the kid to do his homework? 

Homework is a complement to classes. 

The best is for the kid to do his homework. 

Nevertheless some kids need help, and one of the parents or an elder brother or sister should be available for solving some problem – never to carry out the homework themselves. 

It’s sound the kid should have a quiet room to fulfill his duties of homework. As well the kid should have had some time for a snack and relaxing, not longer than half an hour, I would say, before studying. 

The family could provide like prompts to have the brother or sister think on their own. 

The family too should be attentive to the tests and exams the kid has to do. Ask him about when it is next exam. Something that has turned out well is to have a diary, where he can write down his homework and exams. Now many schools have their diaries. 

If the kid studies every day, he won’t have to make a heavy effort for tomorrow’s exam. 

Alike the parents could talk to their children about school, how he feels, how he is in the classroom, how he gets along with his classmates, about everything they think it is relevant about the school. The family also should be in close contact with the kid’s tutor or head teacher. / Photo from: watering plugs ready for transplanting into the nursery www aashe org


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