1679. Can our students summarize a text?

Making summaries is a pretty good activity, which the learner of English has to learn too. 

We can practice in class. We could ask a student or address all the class to show what the most important stuff on a text is, or in a chapter of the book or reader they read every Tuesday, for example, in the English class. 

We ask some students, till the main part will bring out. 

Now we tell them to write that part. It’s a sound way to start to make up summaries. When we ask about the most important thing, we may let them speak in English. 

It’ll be very usual that they try to tell all the text from the beginning up to the end. Well, up to some extent it is something similar to a summary – they will say the most important points mixed with extra details to a summary; we should tell them those points are secondary in the importance ranking. 

We teachers ourselves can make up a summary that will be an example for our students, for further summaries. Making summaries is an adequate activity for the mind. / Photo from: John Deere www deere com au


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