Friday, March 14, 2014

1664. Plunging into the water

More and more students and graduates actually are learning and acquiring English in Spain. Things are changing. 

Alike more and more students travel abroad to enroll in a course or program, with the help of grants. 

Still we have the problem of kind of isolation here anyway. So far most of people in our country had to use the mother tongue and this is it. 

However, as I said, young people do need English, in order to find a job for example, either in Spain or abroad. 

More and more I hear Spanish young people on the street talking in English with native speakers. 

History and the way many Spanish people are have entailed that sort of isolation concerning learning and acquiring English, in my opinion. 

The case of French has been different: that language has been studied and practiced more than English, also abroad, like in short school stays in France. 

Fortunately and thanks to God I studied and learned English, since my primary education. 

You know what? On one hand my brother is one year older than me, and he studied French. On the other hand my class-group was the first one that learned English in our school – only one year of difference! I began when I was 11. / Photo from: two teachers two students internationalprojects biz
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