Saturday, April 1, 2017

3146. Have a small laugh with your students...

Have you ever seen yourself teaching? Maybe with a video, maybe not. It is interesting. But you may not like what you look. Doesn’t matter too much, if you’re trying to do your best and trying to improve your teaching.
Has any of your students taught a lesson of the school subject you teach? In my case I’ve seen it. Twice.
Once a student of one of my classes wanted to teach a lesson, an English lesson. And I let him proceed. In this case I liked what he did – he could be some 12 years old. He was smart and got it, yes he got it. Obviously he imitated me in some things I usually do. That was ok.
But one other time another student, some 14 years, imitated me in one of my lessons! He went to the front of the classroom and he imitated the things I do! And I didn’t like it too much. I was at the back of the classroom and he was the teacher.
This was some twenty years ago, and I was starting my career as a teacher or close to that. Another teacher was in the classroom: it was him who had told this student to go to the chalkboard and imitate my gestures, ways of addressing the students, trying to keep them silent…
It was a nice joke by that teacher anyway, a good colleague and friend of mine, and he carried out this fake and mock on my behalf, for my sake. And well, you know, I accepted it, as a joke, as I said. I got nothing against that kid, a naughty but smart one. That was okay. That teacher and I had a small laugh, and also that kid, a nice one.
Try it yourself, and have a small laugh with your students, if you think that’ll be good for rapport with them. It can help create a nice chemistry with your students, but you decide, ultimately. / Photo from: Paw My. The child on the picture is kind of similar to the cat, isn’t it?

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