Sunday, April 23, 2017

3169. On Men and Women

I’ve been resting for some time with my family. Now I’d like to say something in favor of women.
First premise: I learn quite much from my female students. They have some perspicacity men don’t have, or not at the same level. They learn and acquire English in a particular way, from which I can learn a lot.
They have their love for specific details and little things a lot of men don’t have, or again not at the same level. If you saw the details I encounter in them, you’d gain a vision which is beautiful.
I could say many positive points about them. By the way, all my current students, and also within a few months, are adults. More things can be said in their favor. They also have a shrewdness and perception as well men have at a different level.
You have to count on them and on their opinions. Regards young students, teens and children, on the other hand, I prefer to have lessons for boys and lessons for girls. Many teachers I’ve met coincide in the same way and vision. Well, it’s just some more option. We’re so complementary, men and women at many, many other aspects. / Photo from: New York Daily News

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