3172. When Our Students Are Great!

Our students have great potentialities, most of them, a vast majority of them! If you’re a principal or a head teacher also you should learn that your colleagues have big potentialities too!
We’ve got to discover and find them!
If we trust in people – students or teachers – and we give them responsibilities and some chances of having initiatives, they usually respond well, and they will take up those tasks, those assigned tasks. As if they were something of their own. And they’ll embody that common project.
I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it in many many cases along my career as a teacher. It’s something great. Both if the students are teens or grown-ups. We teachers will have to encourage our students and explain things well to them.
Of course we can encounter cases when kids don’t seem to be on our side, but when we treat them aside, one by one, they react well. What I mean is that people, persons have great potentialities and capabilities. Sometimes they won’t meet our expectations but they at least will face the issue willingly.
If we treat people a bit better than they are or seem to be, they for sure will improve, as students, as teachers, as persons. / Photo from: openingdoor Embrace Grace Blog. We will discover and find many beautiful “sceneries” in our students for example, if we open the “right door”. We teachers have something of coaches too.


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