Monday, April 3, 2017

3147. Beauty as Something So Educative

I’ve discovered that beauty can be very educative, well, better said, I found it so quite many years ago.
An activity I implement in my lessons is describing pictures for example of beautiful sceneries and landscapes, from magazines. They’re both interesting for describing them in the target language, which is English, and also to make our lessons more human and humane.
A picture of a scenery is kind of a window that’s open to nature, often beautiful nature.
After one student has described it he may show the picture to his classmates, who have been trying to imagine the landscape as the first student was telling what he could see.
Our students, I’ve observed, need to learn from beauty, and watching landscapes can be very instructive. Also we could project a video and pause at sceneries to describe by one student, and the rest of his classmates can add something else, from what they can see.
As well they could describe what one or several people are doing, from a picture or image too. In this latter case they would have to use present continuous in English. This activity is nice also because they can fit in different grades of achieving by our students – some of them can say more than others or we can show different difficulty levels of pictures or moving images. It’s a nice activity and my students like it pretty much. / Photo from: mending-wall Asher Days WordPress com

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