Monday, April 10, 2017

3154. The Protagonists? Our Students Plus We Teachers

The students I have in my classes have to be the protagonists of their own learning, crystal clear.
I will – after Easter short vacations – talk with them in the classroom. They’re grown-ups. With one group I’ll speak in English with them, while with the other group (lower English level) I’ll do it in Spanish, our common mother language.
Currently they’re all the students I have. I’m a part-time teacher.
And I’ll ask them why we carry out such and such activities in the classroom. The point is for them to become kind of more active students – they already are but they can be more active or more protagonists, or maybe more aware, and that’s it.
As well I’ll draw some conclusions about the activities they prefer, and maybe the ones they do not like that much. I will do it.
Let’s see what they want to tell me. I want for them to be more aware about why we carry out those activities they seem to like quite much. For learning English – learning and acquiring too – I implement activities to exploit some worksheets I compose: reading, understanding, maybe listening comprehension, discussions about the worksheets topics or from points that have been treated on those nice worksheets...
They’re so good students that they’re looking forward to receiving a new worksheet, at least up to some extent. / Photo from: Beautiful-office-computer 4-designer com

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