Wednesday, April 5, 2017

3149. Our Profession as Educators is Great Again!

The ultimate teachers’ work? Educating our dear students, although sometimes they may bother us teachers...
And educating in values, as you know or may know. Our work is not merely teaching math or helping them get and gain a communicative competence in English as a foreign language. Thus our educating and teaching are a subsidiary work to their parents and families.
I say families because the elder siblings may educate too. However this is a work or duty of their parents, as this work or duty, based in love, is the primeval parents’ one. And we teachers help.
Their parents don’t have to know about all the subjects their children have to learn about: math, sciences, English as a foreign language, history, literature, the mother language’s linguistics, sport, religion, the foundations of our civilization, other cultures, fine arts, etc.
And while we’re teaching those subjects we also educate our students, for example at working hard and getting appropriate studying techniques and learning strategies.  - By the way, I mentioned religion: the first educators here also are the parents, who will be educators of their children as children of God. / Photo from: Happily-ever-after-family-walking-along-the-road-hand-in-hand Stacey Hanlon Photography

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