Sunday, April 23, 2017

3170. When Teachers Are in Love

We teachers have a lot to say to our students, their families and all humankind. Also if we’re Christians.
A lot of people live as if God our dear Father would not exist. And he does! A friend of mine doesn’t believe in God and the poor man lives as if we human people would be the victims of fate. And that’s not the case at all. I respect my friend a lot, and listen to him. And that transcendent stuff can be said and shown in our everyday teaching and working.
We teachers are or may be great humanists, and have the elixir of happiness or may have it. A creature, a person, who listens to our teaching can feel comforted because of our competent working, and trying our dear students would learn a lot of useful things for their lives as citizens of this our dear western world. I’m referring to both knowledge and abilities as well.
We teachers don’t confine our work to just fulfilling a report or chart we have to show to our boss: we can have a great soul with plenty of human ideals.
By the way, and in spite of maybe seeing our students as the opposite, our young people are living the period for great and grand ideals. Of generosity, solidarity, cheerfulness, a tremendous sentiment of wishing to live…
Our students’ potentialities are pretty great, and we have to channel them: to extract all the strength and force that live in their interiors, plus love: tell me what young person, young man or young woman, doesn’t have the ideal of a perpetual, authentic and genuine love, though in the surface they may be showing something different. / Photo from: Girl watching the sunset on the beach www zastavki com

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