Friday, April 7, 2017

3151. Being Creative at Planning Lessons!

Creativity at teaching. Essential. Think of it. Teaching that is not creative is not teaching.
But be easy, for you have many possibilities and chances of being creative at teaching, since you’re a committed teacher that passes by blogs about teaching, and stops to read posts.
Also because any person is a principle of creation. So he or she are creative teachers. Also because each teacher, as each student, is unique, and I believe in your potential to teach in a creative way. I believe in you, in each teacher.
And even more over your career years. The more veteran a teacher is the more creative he can be. But also let’s be careful we don’t innovate at all. A good teacher has to improve his teaching. As he can see the effects of his teaching on his students. I mean, if he sees his students are happier and happier, he’s on the right pathway.
He tries – more specifically – each and every of his students would learn and progress as learners and persons. And this entails happiness, which is the ultimate goal of our teaching.
Even more, we can think that every single person must reach a transcendent happiness. Or in other words we can count on a transcendent view of every person, and this is fulfilled when that person – because of his transcendence – treats God.
Something more practical? Well, what said before is something practical: speaking to and with God as our Father. But also I could tell you: plan next lessons, with your students in mind, plus their needs and expectations, their particular ones, plus just their ways of being, and you’re over the right pathway again. I believe in you! / Photo from: where-to-wait-at-traffic-light_thumb London Cyclist. The picture shows a scenery that for many people can be daily: I’m referring to regular average teachers and students on my posts.

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