Saturday, April 15, 2017

3159. The Teacher's Duty of Reaxing Too!

I have some stuff for posting, but today I wanted to write about something necessary both for the teacher and for the students, which is resting and relaxing. All that’s also one teacher’s duty, because amid other reasons the teacher has to spend long with his family and recover strength for next battle.
By the way I pray God for peace in so many countries.
As I was saying he should stay and remain with his family. In Spain for example we’ve had – where I live, in Granada – some short vacations or holidays, celebrating the Holy Week plus Easter.
I was also thinking that the teacher has to learn how to keep his family in peace and harmony: it’d be strange a teacher would be able to pacify the classroom and not his own home… And this harmony passes alike through politeness at home: thanking the helping out, asking for in a nice and kind way, etc.
And concerning the spouses I could say that there should be communication between them two, for instance when their kids are already in bed or they could “get lost” for some hours or a few days to live for each other and have enough and sufficient time for talking about them two.
I’d say quite many things about communication in the marriage but I’d write about it on other posts, and I’ve had so on other posts. Anyway, and this is pretty important: there should be communication within the marriage: it would be awkward and kind of dangerous the husband would inform about a family problem to his female secretary instead of his wife.
A friend of mine used to say one’s secretary should be mature at age and rather old – I’m sorry but I don’t have many words to express what I mean in English, my target language; I can’t write enough nuances, but you may understand what I mean.
Have a happy Easter, all of you readers and TeacherLingo! / Photo from: biking-on-hilton-head-island Hilton Head Island. Oh, that pic might show a marriage plan while they “get lost” for some hours, maybe someplace known by the rest of the family, but for them two to keep alone and talk between them two about their relationships as spouses.

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