3148. Educating Our Students for Life through Sensitivity

On post #3147 I wrote about beauty as something educative, and that’s okay.
We have to teach our students to appreciate and esteem beauty, and also have to educate their sensitivity. That’s quite important. And we can achieve that goal by showing them beautiful sceneries, and taking them to excursions to the countryside, the mountain, the forest, a river…
In that way we’ll be educating them with values that make us all more human and humane. As well little by little, for instance in the subject of history, or as a topic within the English-language subject, we can try to teach them how to value and understand some nude, other sculptures and paintings. In that case – nudes – we will explain to our students how well ancient Grecians esteemed beauty, and about the beauty canon they had and why they had it.
Alike those people educated their boys and young men to follow what’s beautiful, and subsequently were able to distinguish between what’s good and what’s wicked to do. Girls were educated in another way, as wives and mothers, in that ancient time – obviously it was a different time and women didn’t work out; their mentality was pretty different, as you know. Anyway wives and mothers is great! 
What I mean is that young people were educated from a canon of beauty and good. They had values. / Photo from: Nike or Victory of Samothrake in great Louvre museum, Paris


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