3171. Applying Discipline Now!?

Classroom management can be applied even at this long the school year is by showing ourselves teachers as serious persons.
I mean we can get serious in the face and gestures, as if something important would be going on, which is the case!
Also by showing silence and gazing and staring at our students. Not saying much. Silence may be pretty eloquent. This kind of classroom management not only does concern the respect owed to us teachers but also to the student him or herself.
We apply classroom management because as well we want to respect our students, and we wish to form and educate students at their professional work, which is being competent students. Students are not born by knowing how to be a competent student, but we have to help them become those serious workers of their job as students.
In the classroom there will be silence and peacefulness: that’s precisely the kind of atmosphere our students need to carry out their job as students. Alike we can address a few students when they’re starting to misbehave: we’ll say their names plus silence and gazing at them in their faces.
As I said we can do this even now that we’re somewhat close to the end of the school year and with the big exams around the corner, as Angela Watson puts. / Photo from: Stockworld


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