Friday, April 21, 2017

3165. Treating Our Students in a Nice Way for Success

We teachers have some or many students, okay. But each student is unique and worthy to pay attention to, as you know.
Let’s treat our students with tenderness and affection, for they could have so few people around who could love them. This doesn’t prevent from firmness concerning classroom management. What is more, attention, affection, even some kind of clever and intelligent tenderness are great boosters of a sane classroom management: when we love, with benevolence love, our students, in the long term, will respect us.
And not too much in the long term – also in short.
Now I’m thinking of a summer course we ran in a school of Jaén, south of Spain. It was a program that offered remedies for students who had failed many subjects along the school year, before final September exams. Okay, those boys had a lot of hours of classes and studying at the large study hall or the classrooms.
Discipline was rather wooden, do you say so? And those boys and young men, whom you might find they could be so troublesome, when they encountered tutoring sessions with a teacher, if that teacher received each student in an open and affectionate way those poor students saw heaven open: I mean they greatly appreciated affection and listening to their problems and choking anxieties – for example some of them suffered from broken families, drugs, adaptation and adjustment problems.
The students lived in the school, so they had few relationships with people outside, except on weekends. One of those courses was my first job, in 1993 summer. By the way, we male teachers should have a prudent and delicate attention to girls: there should not be any gossip at the school. / Photo from: Urban teachers. The pic shows a smiling teacher.

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