Monday, April 10, 2017

3153. Our Students as Protagonists!

One teacher, some time ago, told me that he had to be honest and sincere with me. He told me he did all – planning his classes, working hard, etc. – because he loved God above all, and his students as well and also for God.
I liked what he told me.
He also tried to love his colleagues, and the parents and families. He alike told me all this didn’t prevent him from trying to carry out his work with technical efficiency.
I insist on purpose: he was a good teacher, a competent one, and tried to work fine.
Ok, on my behalf, I can tell you I have other points and posts to tell you all, and I hope they’ll be helpful and useful to all of you. For example I’ve got something about the point that our students have to be the protagonists of their learning and so also of our lessons – this doesn’t impede nor block that the teacher also is a protagonist in the classroom.
Should the students not be the protagonists of lessons there would not be progress at their learning…! I’ll tell you more on coming posts. / Photo from: Brigita-Lithuania ISA

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