Tuesday, April 18, 2017

3162. Nice Guys!

So we have that the teacher has to smile. Also he has to thank his students for small services, like erasing the chalkboard or picking up a piece of paper. With this elegance he is pushing toward the direction of a sensible classroom management.
On the previous post I mentioned God, as the basement which we can rely on. He’s in love with each person, and has a limitless affection of a great dad and a great mom, even more, more than all dads and moms together, of course.
And the teacher also has to ask for forgiveness. Before I thought this would subtract authority to me the teacher, and that’s not the case. Even that action could reinforce our authority as teachers.
Once I was told by the deputy head teacher or subdirector to ask for forgiveness to a kid I had applied a serious punishment on or something kind of that. This was reactive to me: I was discovering a new and fresh attitude in the classroom that works: it makes the teacher-student relationship more humane.
And alike the teacher should ask for permission. I know a teacher that asks for permission to his students when he has to verify or check out a student’s notebook, textbook or tablet. Politeness is so great! Treating our students nice as well reinforces our authority, because our students may feel they’re treated with exquisite respect, and they may think all that is something so serious! Bad manners are never nice. / Photo from: Irish Countryside WallpaperCave. I adore Ireland :-)

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