Friday, April 21, 2017

3166. I Write for Nice Committed Teachers!

I’m reading an interesting book about what Pope Francis is doing in favor of immigrants, the homeless, girls that may fall in prostitution networks… He has done quite a lot for them and keeps doing things for them.
Something else could be done by us teachers.
I live in Europe, the target and finish of many immigrants that travel across the Mediterranean Sea to find something better than in their origin-countries, submerged in endemic wars. Many of them die on the way here. Something may be done.
For example I know many teachers and young people that invest their free time by doing things in favor of for example the elderly: old people that live rather lonely. And they are doing something great!
Summer is coming, and also I know teachers who are volunteering for English camps for boys or for girls, and that’s great too. Also some of those teachers are assisting at urban summer camps, as well by doing things for kids, like for instance teaching English as a foreign language.
Maybe we can plan our summer by also doing something for other people. We can dedicate time to our families, of course, plus volunteering for some nice enterprise.
And something specific we can also do is carrying out our professional work the best we can do: that’s the first priority. I mean: by doing our job better than what legally is indebted to us. I know many of you do it so.
And as well what I’m telling you on the last posts: receiving and accepting our students with attention and affection – doing more than what is owed to us as teachers. Anyway I know most of you teachers are doing your best and fulfilling your duties as very committed teachers, because you’re the ones that drop past blogs for teachers too! / Photo from: Learning-English-in-Ireland Teach Ezi. The picture might show a young person among the many ones that volunteer at their free time.

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