Tuesday, April 18, 2017

3161. How to Smile at Students

I insist on purpose: we teachers should smile. I told you about this on the previous post, #3160.
The teacher has to accept, listen to, receive, morally embrace his students. It could happen, the kid could have his smiling teacher as the only smiling person around.
This is perfectly compatible with classroom management and discipline. Even more, smiling can be very encouraging and classroom managing, because it shows the teacher has the classroom control. He should be joyful and optimistic.
I can tell you all my optimism leans on the strong potentialities of the human person plus the deep and firm basement of leaning and turning to God.
Many kids, well, every kid, or grown-ups too, need a stimulating person around. For this purpose also we have to make lessons very participative. Politeness and elegance make the rest, regarding classroom management.
Plus fortitude, because the teacher has also to correct his students, telling them the truth and what’s upright, honest and honorable. Correcting apart and aside I mean, never in public, although we must be firm at cutting off any misbehavior rising point. So as you all can see the teacher needs fortitude, which is gained with effort and repetition of actions: each fortitude action is a victory! And never sour or vinegary faces around! If we fall at this point, never mind: let’s rectify and carry on with the lesson! / Photo from: ThoughtCo

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