Wednesday, April 12, 2017

3156. Our Competent Work Can Be Great!

Some quick advice about classroom management? Let’s try to implement and apply interesting activities, which are meaningful for our students.
Also let’s look in their eyes, when addressing them, like combing all the class of students while talking to them. As well let’s stop talking when we detect somebody is distracted or they’re chattering among them. Silence can be very eloquent.
The point is roping our students with the activity we’re carrying out, and praising, gently, their right answers, not too much anyway.
Addressing each student when talking and combing all the class of students may be helpful.
Now something about learning strategies. One key strategy for our students is trying they would connect and relate new knowledge with things they’ve already learned. Let’s comment on this point to our students, and let’s give them examples.
For instance connecting present perfect in English, our target language, with present simple, which they may have already mastered. And explain their difference of meaning and usage.
Young children may take longer time to learn things because they may not have previous knowledge with which to connect. But often we can give them examples about things they already know.
I have other points to post about, on coming days. One way to cooperate with countries and nations that have conflicts and wars? Let’s carry out our work in a competent way, plus let’s treat foreign students with affection and attention, wherever they’re from.
That’s only a tip for those countries: hopefully we can do other things: praying, alms, cooperation with a project about one of those countries, helping the homeless by writing a letter to the city-hall or mayor and suggesting some solution and calling the attention, helping out at some charity, visiting the poor or the elderly... But let’s start with our competent daily work! / Photo from: Pinterest

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