Friday, April 7, 2017

3150. A Nice Atmosphere in the Classroom

Although we’re about more than the middle of the school year something about classroom-management should be said. Angela Watson posted something about this some days ago. And also I had to say something, though her writing and language are better... Anyway here you are.
The point is for us teachers to work in a nice and quiet atmosphere. Also because that’s the only way our students can work and learn... The big test is around the corner – as Angela Watson wrote – but we should do something else about classroom management.
For example we could again set some basic conducting rules, while at the same time we try to do our best and carry on with the syllabus or course outline. We may spend and consume some time by adjusting some nice behavior among our students but it’s worth the try anyway.
Of course we can remember this point for next school year. Next I’m copying some notes I wrote some days ago about this point. I think it’s the best I can do now because I’m toot tired to post after this term lessons... Here you are.
Setting some classroom management rules can be okay. This is perfect at the beginning of the year. The point is setting some conducting rules, and when the students have learned them, you can proceed and continue with the lessons-contents, which you should have already started.
Some more strict but mild-at-the-same-time relationship between the students and their teacher should have already been set. But if we’re like now, in the middle of the school year, what to do?
The situation can be so in-need-of-rules that you could start anew. But the big test can be around the corner and you could be consuming so much instructional time… Try to balance both things: training the students for the big test and spend some time for instructing them.
Some of these ideas are by Angela Watson: I didn’t read her whole article about this point but you can find about her at the link below. 
Lo que vengo a decir es que al principio de curso hay que estar más serios, al asentar unas reglas. Ya les trataremos con más llaneza. Nunca como un sargento del ejército, en cualquier caso. Es compatible combinar reglas y tratamiento delicado y respetuoso del alumno. Tratarles con respeto serio, que se den cuenta. Y explicarles el porqué de las reglas.
Los alumnos deben tener claras las maneras de funcionar en clase. Es decir, tratarles con gravedad, eso es lo que intento explicar. / Photo from: TravelStyles5   raileurope co uk traveling by train in Europe. The picture is just a nice illustration.

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