3283. Working as a Great Team!

When students are capable of a thorough insight, they improve a lot as students. And as persons. They become aware of their way of learning and studying, and they better a lot.
My students now are adults, as you may know. They’re clever. They can learn and even modify their way of learning to adapt it to new circumstances.
Two of my class-groups have begun recently, and I can see how they try their best, both at basic and more advanced levels. In the classroom they’re machine thinkers, let’s say.
They may adapt their way of understanding me in English in order to understand me better. And also I’m trying to adapt my teaching to their way of learning and acquiring. When these two principles meet, the learning may be great.
They’re making out their way of learning at my lessons, and also I’m making out their ways of learning.
As well I’m making out their levels of English, because the classes are mixed-ability, and there’re high-achievers and low-achievers as well. With modesty I say it: experience makes the difference: I’ve been teaching for some twenty-five years, and I thank God for my experience. Mine and the one I can read in teachers’ blogs and websites. Thank you very much, teachers!
Also I learn quite a lot from my students, English words too! / Photo from: YouTube. I posted a picture of a powerful engine: my students are powerful learners too! I can especially see this in the students I’ve had for more years.


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