3285. Some Hint at How I Plan. It Helps Me!

With two of the class-groups I currently have I’ve proceeded in a different way than usually.
I’ve started the classes first, and when I realize and make out their levels I’ll make up my planning and programming the whole school year. First I want to learn about those new students – adults – and only then will I plan their general syllabus.
Ordinarily I plan the syllabus first, and then I start my classes. Better said, I get a general planning or syllabus beforehand and then, when I’ve taught several classes I point out the main strokes or points about the learning process they could follow; their syllabus, in a single word.
Something that helps me a lot is taking to the classroom some lesson planning for each class-period: when I stop to think about each class-group I think of what they need the most, and thus, as I can remember what I’ve thought for each class-group.
In that way I can teach something more specific for each class-group: I have several class-groups and in that way I can more easily think about what they need most importantly.
Oh, sorry, I think I made a little mess: in few words, I plan each lesson and a general syllabus for the whole school year! / Photo from: limpieza-Granada-vistas-Albaicin-Inagra-Ferrovial. At the background of the pic you can see Alhambra palaces and castle, which are grand – don’t miss them, and come to Granada in Spain!


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