3299. From All Five Continents!

I was thinking of when I started my career as a teacher. Now I would do things differently from then.
For instance I’d carry out my lessons in English, the target language, and I’d implement a communicative approach to teaching. And I’d treat my students more humanly than then.
Practice and experience make things different, so different.
The communicative way of teaching and learning English is not only speaking between the teacher and the students, but also among these latter ones. And it entails the use of authentic material, and not only the textbook.
As well the functional and notional approaches have a lot to say here: the classes are not just communicating among us but also learning to express performative actions plus using knowledge about topics. In other words, the students learn how to express different functions: apologizing, giving opinions, formulating wishes, stating facts, etc.
And the notional approach makes reference to different life topics: at the airport, shopping, job interviews, working as a team, at the restaurant, etc. And all in a naturalistic way!
I take advantage of this post to thank you my readers and my teacher-readers, for I’ve learned quite a lot from you, spread out in all continents! / Photo from: Reading Agency. The photo could show exchange amongst teachers: sharing experiences and the like.


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