3297. The Remedy of Redemies

I would like to add something nice to the previous post. If you’ve aborted, all has its remedy and I believe in that, I said.
Your child now is in God’s hands and in his mercy. And you can get, achieve and accomplish a nice remedy.
Even you can forgive yourself and find peace again. I believe in that. Repentance is great.
Besides, we Christians have the sacrament of forgiveness, which is confession. All has its remedy. Have a nice weekend again! Trust and confide in your loving father God. He has all the love of all moms and dads in the world together. Even more than that. Go in peace, fellow.
Oh, also you can count on prayer: God does wish to hear you and listen to you. / Photo from: American Kitefliers Association. The picture is just an illustration, only that.


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