3284. Making Up the Right Learning Community

A learning community. Now more than ever before, the classroom is a learning community. Everyone learns. Also the teacher, which is my case: I learn from and with my students, who are grown-ups.
However, with kids the classroom also can be a learning community, where everybody learns and betters as a person.
That does not mean the teacher keeps no longer being a knowledge source. He keeps being so. A knowledge source. Because he has collected more knowledge and classroom resources along his career as a teacher. We cannot get rid of the teacher. He also orientates his students along their learning processes.
And an important point is as well that the teacher can be and set an example of a person who is still learning. He can set an example, a nice one. And he keeps being the mirror where the students see themselves as learners, albeit he leads the way toward learning through the possible labyrinth of that learning. Labyrinth in a positive way: human growing up is great! / Photo from: school-house Albuquerque Teachers Federation


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