3291. Discipline and Affection Go Together! (2)

Some days ago I wrote the following notes: “One-goal theory: let’s see what’s good for my two schools: presentations and have them in my pocket. November 10, 2017. I guess that is gotten by a mature person.”
I meant that sometimes, especially when the teacher is experienced, he can have a single-goal planning for his lessons – plus the actual activities, of course.
He seeks what’s most necessary for his class-groups. In my case: since I teach at two centers, some days ago I achieved to think what the main points for my class-groups were. And I decided that a single goal would be okay with my lesson planning – plus the specific activities.
For one of those centers the main goal should be for the students to give their oral presentations about a topic their choice, in the classroom. And for the other center the main goal should be having my students in my pocket. And I said this latter goal because I’m starting classes with them and the core point regarding them now should be treating them with some great affection and interest: both they and I are getting acquainted with one other.
In that way they will for sure work fine, which is something I’m already noticing, and that’s great, thank God.

Later on I could have other goals for those centers. / Photo from: Mind%20The%20Step. The picture is an illustration that means we have to be attentive: when there’s a gap we could fall in or in my case I have to be kindly attentive to my students’ needs and expectations.


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