3292. How to Build Up a Huge Vocabulary!

Some days ago I wrote the following notes: “Learning vocabulary by reading. My case. Words that come to mind, which come up when writing.”
Currently I’m reading a novel in English, and I can assure you that I’m learning quite many new words.
Reading massively and intensely is okay for learning lexis. You may be aware of the words you’re learning, but also when reading massively and intensely you ACQUIRE some words, which could come up when writing or speaking, which are the productive skills of any language.
When reading that contemporary novel I’ve got the dictionary close to me and I look up some words, from time to time. Over time I could say I’ve learned quite many words. If you count by years the number of words is vast, so vast.
Sometimes when I’ve read for some time I go back to what I’ve read to also focus on some words and expressions, ones that I hadn’t focused on, and then also I learn more lexis, idioms, phrases... / Photo from: worldbycyclerelief org. I’d like to post an African shot.


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