3287. Was My Blog Any Useful?

Now I would like to thank you my readers and all readers that drop by my blog. Without you this blog would not be possible.
I hope I might have taught you something useful. I’ve had fun at writing it and I have been able to display my doctoral dissertation, which was aborted: I preferred to write something more practical, which could help my dear colleagues all over the world.
The doctoral dissertation would have been too theoretical and I liked something more practical, as I said. I like the day-to-day struggle to teach English and help others in that learning process, which is passionate.
And sorry for my mistakes and errors at using English: I’ve kicked English – I mean my English is not that good, I presume. Well, learning a language, a foreign or second one is a life-long process, a passionate one, I’d say.
Thank you very much again. I’ve poured a nice part of my career as a teacher along this blog. Sláinte, Cheers! / Photo from: Newsfirst. I hope I’ve led you along a nice landscape with my blog!


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