3296. On Teens and in Their Favor

Today I’d like to talk, again, about our students. How should I say? I’d like to talk about those people, those persons that have not been born yet. Yesterday I read a short piece of fiction, where children were being thrown into a ditch from a truck, yes, children!
Well, you know, it was a story inside the first chapter of a book on ethics, like an example or anecdote.
The solution is not abortion, with all my respect. I know about some women’s tragedies, but that is not the solution, I’d say. Have a nice weekend, you all! I wish you all the best! Those creatures are children, people! By no means do I try to raise any controversy. It’s not my style.

In case you've aborted, all has a nice remedy. I believe in that. / Photo from: Entrepeneur. The pic is just a nice illustration.


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