3286. Beholding Classroom Management!

Can we find disruptive students in an adult class-group? We can. Actually I’m having this problem.
What I’m going to do is to talk with her. Gently. And trying she would go to the “right side”: she should behave better and avoid saying bad manner things in the classroom.
Originally I was thinking of telling her off, but I prefer to talk to her in a nice way. I can tell you I’ve also consulted about this with some colleague. Definitely I’m trying she should convince she has to conduct in a nice and polite way.
And not only for me but also for her classmates’ benefit and good. I will talk with her before next class, aside and apart, not in public. Let’s see if this turns out okay. Also I confide and trust all these daily job matters to prayer with God, for he is a loving father, who wishes our good. / Photo from: live wallpaper HD Desktop Wallpapers rainy day. Here in Spain we’re suffering a sturdy drought. The illustration is a season one.


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