3293. Learning English Has the Beauty of Sports!

Okay, so I said this morning that reading really helps you get and acquire a lot of vocabulary.
Even when reading along texts with grammar you already know, and stuff you already know, that’ll help you too. Those texts are giving you more elemental texture of the language – English in my case –, which will permit you to also use English in a naturalistic context, like when talking in that language in the classroom, in front of your dear students.
In other words: when reading you not only learn new lexis but revise lexis you already know, but that already learned language helps you when you’ve got to use English at everyday contexts and situations.
You can realize of that when listening to your dear students when giving their oral presentations: some of them, who have not used English as often as I do because I’m the teacher, precisely lack the grammar, vocabulary and expressions to say normal and regular everyday things.
I try and encourage them by saying that precisely they lack practice: oh, I’ll let them give more presentations along the school year, plus their everyday participating in the lessons by saying oral stuff. They’re so great! I’ll have to bear in mind that they have to participate a lot in the classroom! / Photo from: citypages com. Learning English has the beauty a sport has.


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