3289. What Is Your Teaching Style Like?

The teacher may feel anxiety, okay, but have you thought it’s the students, either kids or adults, who may feel anxiety?
It’s okay we foreign or second language teachers create an atmosphere where English (for example) is the spoken language. But if you notice that your students are getting that anxiety, you can break the ice and tell them some encouraging words to them in their first language, Spanish (for example).
Also you can ask them how they’re understanding you. Even more if they adults come to you between classes and let you know that they are rather stressed out, maybe a bit.
Or if their parents, when you teach kids, come to the school to let you know they, maybe few of them, may be getting stressed out. That’s very important and you know it is, indeed.
So smiling and letting them speak can be something convenient. In many other cases you may go on with your teaching style, for your dear students are not stressed at all, because you know how to deal with teaching in a not tense way at all.
In any case you should get some feedback from your students. Even more if you have tutorials with them, individual ones I mean. / Photo from: mclaren_nurburgring_1969_portada SoyMotor com. Although I posted a classical formula 1 car I mean that to win the “contest” of the classes we should work with our students as a learning team…


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