3290. On Motivating Our Students

On post #3288 I wrote that positive motivation helps us get discipline and nice classroom management. And it’s so! I’ve seen it I can confess so to you.
Positive motivation helps create nice rapport between the teacher and the students, and it’s so too.
If your students do things fine you can tell them that you thank them for their attention and for their hard working, if the case. Also we could recognize good learning actions, or some of them.
Now I’d like to add something else: If we teachers respect our students in a nice way more likely our students will respect us their teachers. At a beginning this could not happen, but over time we’ll get it.
What happens with teens is that they don’t have self-discipline. And we teachers have to train them at that skill. Little by little, and you know it’s so, it happens that way, it’s like that. Even we could explicitly let our students know about that lack of self-discipline, and how that discipline will help them become happier and more satisfied.
As they’re growing they may be building up that nice self-discipline. That self-discipline is the best one and the only one that makes them good students and respectful ones. As well they should learn they owe respect to their teacher. / Photo from: jaguar the expected formula 1 for 2018 from thisisf1 com. You can compare it with the 1969 model on the previous post... Anyway I guess the one on this post is a concept car.


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