3300. Some Imagination May Suit Our Students!

Lately what follows happens to me. Although I have some look at the general syllabus planning, also I tend to think of the main core point for each class-group.
This is, I think of the main single goal for my dear students. It’s the only-one-goal theory. Thus for a class-group the main goal may be just they must talk, talk, talk in English; for another to have them in my pocket; or for a third one some grammar would be fine with them, either high-leveled grammar, like C1 or maybe B1 grammar stuff. That grammar will help them give more messages in English. And so forth.
Every single day I think of a single goal for those nice people. And the thing works and they’re satisfied and content and happy, for nice rapport in the classroom is of a grand importance.
Well, you know, currently I teach adult learners, but the same theory would match kids’ learning. And concerning the general program or syllabus and as I said I have some peek at that wide general planning and extract a single goal for next class-period. And it’s okay so far.
/ Photo from: Autumn in New York syndicate details com. the pic is just some nice illustration I wanna post; well maybe it’s too late for that fall pic in NYC and I should post a winter one… but here in Granada, Spain, autumn is on the trees now...


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