3294. Communication, Communication, Communication!

I’m somehow starting some nice lessons with other retired people, at another center.
I’m trying to create an atmosphere of immersion, where English is the spoken language, both for the lower-level students and for the more advanced ones.
However I’m noticing some lack of communication with some students in both groups, whilst most of the students seem to follow my discourse. I’m now focusing on those adult learners that seem they don’t understand enough. Should I change and speak in Spanish, our common mother language?
Well, you know, let me see… I can speak in English but just a bit over their level – or levels, because they’re mixed-ability class-groups! I’m keeping speaking in English, to let them input and intake massive English, which is the only way for them to ACQUIRE English.
And I’ll try to explain things in a way everyone can follow me – if possible! Also I could ask one student to explain in English what I’m trying to say, in his own words, which sometimes may be clearer than mine!
And if I use Spanish, this has to be just little, very little, let’s see what happens… Thus so little Spanish, okay, let’s see. Definitely there should be immersion in the target tongue! That little Spanish could be some encouraging words to break the ice and have some small laugh…
Plus I’m using the chalkboard for a lot, because the discourse will get clearer since there are cognate words in both languages – words that are similar, like “summary” and “sumario, resumen” – I won’t write these latter words on the board. / Photo from: SGB Media. The picture is just a nice and beautiful illustration.


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