Saturday, October 1, 2016

3000. Content-Based Instruction: What Is It?

I was thinking to tell you that the class contents should be meaningful and significant for our students.
Oh, yes, you could say, but I’ve got scheduled stuff and a syllabus to cover and teach. Well, I would tell you, try the examples and contents of that verbal tense you’ve got to teach be meaningful and significant and relevant for the kids, this is, we should teach and give examples related to their persons as unique ones.
For example I’ve got to teach present perfect of English. Well, okay, let's give them examples with their own proper names and things they have ever done and connected with their worries and growing-up process, even with stuff related to class concerns: exams and tests, safety in case of a terrorist attack inside the school, a fire in the school, their school subjects, their family relatives, going to McDonalds burger place for dinner, a day spent at the fun fair, their expectations for this school year, their future jobs, taking care of pets at home, chores, etc., each school would have its own regular topics. Think of them please.
They should be respectful topics, proper and adequate to their being human persons. Also some transcendent topics, like for instance everyone’s thirst for happiness and God. / Photo from: moto_gp_francia computerhoy com. They may like GP motorcycle races, or even we could take advantage of their nation history: Spain’s recent history, USA, Europe, Christian roots of Western Society…
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